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Download JKT48 Kokoro No Placard MV in 720p

JKT48 is an Indonesian idol group and the sister group of AKB48, a popular Japanese idol group. JKT48 has released many singles and albums since their debut in 2011, and one of them is Kokoro No Placard, which means "The Heart's Placard" in English.


Kokoro No Placard is the seventh single of JKT48, and it was released on August 27, 2014. The song is about expressing one's feelings by writing them on a placard and holding it up. The song was also performed by AKB48 and other sister groups in different languages.

If you are a fan of JKT48 and want to watch their music video for Kokoro No Placard, you can download it in high quality (720p) from the following sources:

  • [SoundCloud]: You can stream or download the audio file of the song from this link. You can also listen to other songs by JKT48 on SoundCloud.

  • [YouTube]: You can watch the official music video of Kokoro No Placard by JKT48 on YouTube. You can also see the behind-the-scenes footage and the making of the video.

  • [YouTube]: You can watch another version of the music video of Kokoro No Placard by JKT48 on YouTube. This version has different scenes and angles from the official one.

We hope you enjoy watching and listening to Kokoro No Placard by JKT48. If you like their music, you can also check out their other singles and albums on their official website or social media accounts.


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