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Love A Killer Trap Marathi !!TOP!! Full Movie Hd 1080p

As always, this film occurs in Paris, there happening a murder series. Over a five month period in 1955 four girls are stabbed to death in Montmartre after dark- women with nothing in common beyond being brunette . Justice minister Morel leans on Chief Inspector Jules Maigret hunts for a serial killer . In the meantime Maigret walking outside and taking his lit pipe out of his mouth . To help solve the murders Maigret leaving fake tracks and a false killer, using even policewoman called Marthe Jusserard as a decoy . She survives an attack , discovering sartorial evidence against an allegedly guilty . Meanwhile , it's developed a pursuit through the Paris slums , in order to chase the murderer , getting a button. One the night of a grisly killing , a wealthy man is the suspect, detective Maigret becomes extremely involved into investigation and pulls off a cat and mouse game with the killer . Some clues leading to young Marcel Moncin (David Dawson) , whom Maigret arrests . However whilst Moncin is in custody there is a further murder and Maigret looks to Moncin's family (mother : Fiona Lewis , Marcel's wife : Rebecca Night) . Along the way Maigret is helped by his underlings (Inspector Janvier : Shaun Dingwall and Inspector Lognon : Colin Mace , among them). The obstinate inspector winds up pitting rival against each other in order to destroy him in a stirring interrogation.This is an extraordinary study in crime displaying thriller , tension , plot twists and being quite entertaining , though some moments result to be slow-moving . Mystery , suspense , intrigue with awesome acting by Rowan Atkinson-Maigret investigating the murderer's identity , and he even sets a trap to catch the murderer, that's why the film titular .The atmosphere is very adequate and fitting . The pace is good , alert , nimbly done .This movie is concise , Sharp , practical , each actor is cut out for the part . Interesting and exciting battle of wits between the intelligent detective and a quirky villain. The story explores the dynamics of pathological behaviour and very much in the style of psychoanalytic descriptions fitting fairly to George Simenon novels . The camera-work is sleek , but what actually makes this film a major work is that the authors are true to the spirit of Simenon : peculiar roles as the obstinate Maigret and murderers disillusioned with human nature and terrible with those who are victims . Casting is frankly outstanding . It stars the usual comical actor Rowan Atkinson , here he plays the character in such a vibrantly nuanced manner, as that of a man who is measured, but very engaged in walking the streets and getting into the nitty gritty of each case . Rowan Atkinson as stubborn detective is top-notch, the film benefits from a great interpretation : Atkinson gives life to his determined-serious-exhausted "commissaire" , while David Dawson shines as the elegant but dangerous Marcel who's tremendously affected into the deeps of human desperation and whose boyhood has been prolonged by the misguided love of his mother , perfect Fiona Lewis , and furthermore , Rebecca Night plays subtly and with welcome restraint the loving wife of a monster . Atkinson is perfectly cast as the world-weary Police Inspector who is pondering retirement when the re-emergence of a heinous nemesis - a serial-killer who stabs lonely brunettes coming home late at night - taunts him back into action with a supremely clever plan to trap the killer, hence the film's title . It packs an awesome cinematography by cameraman Dirk Nel who reflects splendidly the Paris streets , though mostly made in studios, and exteriors filmed on location in Szentendre , Budapest , Hungary (1950's Paris) . The motion picture was allrightly directed by Ashley Pearce . He proves a past master at creating a stifling atmosphere night scenes, a hot stormy weather, foggy streets , managing to make the tension rise and swell regularly until it explodes in a triple climax .This Psychological Suspense story is based on George Simenon legendary detective , being one of the most-adapted Simenon stories . George Simenon's Maigret has been adapted on several cinematic rendition and TV series . As Maigret was played by Basil Sidney ( The lost life,TV, 59) , Gino Cervi (Maigret in Pigalle, 67) , Rupert Davies (series from 60s) , Richard Harris (TV, 1988), Michael Gambon (TV,1993) , Sergio Castellitto (2004) . But specially by Jean Gavin who played 'Maigret tend un piège' (1958) , 'Maigret and the St Fiacre case (59)' , among others . In Hollywood was realized by Burguess Meredith 'The man on the Eiffel tower' (1949) with Charles Laughton as Maigret . Rating : Good and worth watch checking out. The movie will appeal to Rowan Atkinson fans and intrigue lovers , as it contains a highly suspense.

Love a Killer Trap marathi full movie hd 1080p

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