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Payday 2 Silent Assassin Install

We respect our players. If we feel that a new feature is too similar to something in the Payday 2 games and we ask our players to give feedback, theyre usually pretty reasonable and supportive. We read e-mails, tickets, go to their streams... We even talk with them, if theyre like-minded. If we find something theyre unhappy with we immediately rectify it, if it can be. Whether its a similar VR hack, or a new loadout. It doesnt matter. We support our community!

payday 2 silent assassin install

2: When starting a new game with a silent assassin enabled, the game should automatically go into stealth mode, without any prompts. However, sometimes you have to click on the "NONE" button, to disable the confirmation request. Please also note: this only works if the guard is not looking at you!

You do not have to do anything to install this mod as it is already installed in the game. I mean you do not need to restart your game. At least not until you do something in the in-game store. Then you will have to reinstall the game.

If a guard sees a Silent Assassin's actions, he's going to walk by. He doesn't care about your stealth and he doesn't care about dropping the pager. He doesn't care about these things because he knows that it is possible to succeed without using stealth. So, people who use stealth should not try this, because they are going to be outnumbered in those situations.

If another Silent Assassin succeeds in a situation that should normally be impossible without the help of two other people, there will be a time-out for a couple of seconds. If you get caught during that time, the tension will be over.


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