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come back home to yourself.

This is an invitation to live fully:

To reconnect with your authentic self through

body, food, and intuitive wisdom.

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everything you need is already within you. the first step is to believe in your own magic. 


i would love to accompany you

on the journey.

Hello! I am very excited that you're curious about deepening your relationship to your inner most self, your body, and perhaps even food as well. My name is Cassandra (she/they), I am a licensed mental health counselor and certified nutritionist who specializes in body-acceptance/normativity, radical self-healing, and intuitive eating/gentle nutrition. My passion lives in being a witness to your story, your power, and your innate ability to transform into the version of yourself that is unapologetically YOU. If you're feeling stuck or disconnected from yourself because of trauma, old stories, internalized shame, and/or limiting beliefs then I am here to tell you that it is never too late to come back home to yourself. 

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what might it look like when we are disconnected from ourselves?


Feeling out of control of our stress and overwhelm. Feeling lethargic, foggy, and restless.


Difficulty seeing our worth or purpose. Feeling down, heavy, and that there is more darkness than light. 

low motivation

Difficulty staying focused on our goals or even knowing what we want our goals to be. Difficulty igniting our spark.


Difficulty connecting to what we truly want in everyday choices and from life itself. Having little trust in ourselves. Giving our power easily to others. 


Constantly feeling like who we are is wrong. Suffocating our uniqueness out of fear. 

low self-regard

Disconnected from our own human-ness so much that we speak to and see ourselves with disappointment or disdain.

difficulty trusting

Ourselves, others, our path. Doubting our abilities. 

low self-expression

Not feeling comfortable in our body, our skills, or our voice. 

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let's go deeper through:

intuitive eating

Reconnecting with our body wisdom and natural hunger cues is essential in building a trusting relationship with our food and bodies.

gentle nutrition

You won't find any diets here. Let's better understand the important ways that food operates in your life and build a healing relationship to it together. 


Getting out of the mind and into the body is a process unique to you. Let's find ways of stepping out of our automatic reactions and into a new way of being in our body. Trauma and body-image work is a focus of this area. 


The art of mindfulness is a lifelong practice that permeates many facets of life, allowing you to find more acceptance in yourself and difficult moments.

radical permission

Permission is taking our power back and committing to this work creates more opportunities for freedom in your life.

building community

You are never alone. Feel connected and see your beautiful light reflected back to you in a live group. Go to my "Workshops" page for current offerings. 

inner child/

parts work

Reconnecting with your younger self allows you to enter into the present, more intimately knowing how to better respond to your needs and trust your choices. 

narrative therapy

Unpacking the stories we tell or have been told about ourselves and reclaiming our innate power to decide what we want it to be: past, present, and future.

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questions? let's chat.

Due to COVID-19, I am only booking online telehealth appointments for the time being. If you would like to schedule a free 15m consultation, see my "Services/Pricing" page. Otherwise, fill out this contact form with any questions you have and I will get back to you shortly! 

Seattle, Washington


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